Wednesday, May 13, 2009

these summer nights. (blim blam)

i really enjoy the summer, but not for its days, for its nights. this summer, is a little different. i spend a lot of the nights alone, but thats okay... sometimes. but, i just love em. i love driving at night with my windows down while listening to slow music, as the lights pass, and the smell of wet grass engulfs my car. i love the sound of walking, while crickets play their consistent symphonies anonymously hidden behind the shadows. i love the never ending twinkle of the city lights, and the cool breeze that occasionally blows giving you the chills. i miss the days where summer nights seemed so cool, and you were lucky if you got to stay out after the street lights went out. i miss the nights where camping in your back yard was cool. i miss sitting on the roof and gazing at the few stars the las vegas sky brought in. i like that summer nights always bring you back to summer before, or the summer before that. i love the memories it brings, i miss how life used to be. i miss the late nights when no body seemed to stir and it felt like we were the only ones awake. i love the quietness of night, and the peace it brings. sometimes, i wish it would last forever.

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